Things That Cause Back Pains

Back pains are caused due to many reasons. It is important to understand the things that cause back pain and what remedies you could use to ease the pain. Here is a brief description of the things that causes back pain.

This is a number one reason that may cause back pains. Injuries could happen if you have fallen down or lifted something heavy, or sports injuries. If your back pain is caused by an injury it is wise to go see a chiropractor Cranbourne immediately. Chances are that you may have fractured your spine or a disc is misplaced. If it is a fall and you experience a back pain after few days, it may be because you haven’t treated it properly. If it is a sports injury like when you lift weights, it may not be very serious but if the pain is continuous after few days you need to see a doctor to avoid any serious injuries.

Ligament and muscle strain
This is one of the common reasons for back pains. Ligament and muscle strain happens when you sit in a wrong way or when you pulled a muscle or a ligament while exercising. Especially when you do exercises like yoga, aerobics, Zumba and circuit training. These types of exercises have excessive bending and fast movements that could cause an ill posture in the body and cause a back pain. Sometimes it is not very serious. But sometimes if the pain is continuous and it is unbearable you need to visit a chiropractor Melbourne to get advice. If you have a pain due to exercising, avoid continuing the workouts until the pain is completely sorted.

This is a illness in the joints and usually you develop this as you age or if you genetically have it. Arthritis pain is very unbearable and needs treatments. This could cause the back pains as the spine is affected. Conditions like spinal stenosis could cause the pain. You need to take medication properly and visit the doctor often to keep the pain low. Arthritis cannot be cured completely in all case. But can be kept under control. To know more about chiropractor in Kew, visit

If you have met with a car accident recently, this may cause back pains after sometime. This may be due to the stretching of the spine during the accident or if you were put on bed rest, due to staying in the same pose for a long time. Whichever the case back pain after an accident is serious issue. You need to be careful and follow the doctors’ order if the pain keeps coming you need to see a doctor to understand the actual problem causing the pain.