3 Natural Techniques To Boost Fertility

Infertility is an issue that can change your entire life. For those who are not open to adoption, the inability to bear their own children can feel like a death sentence. While modern medicine has introduced a number of different techniques to deal with this issue, not all couples are open to perusing them.

While IVR treatments and hormone medications have proven to be effective, they feel like the last resort for some people. Here are a few techniques that seem more natural and less invasive for those suffering from infertility.


Chinese medicine acupuncture has become a very popular form of healing for many health issues at present. The basic concept behind this technique is that it stimulates different systems and encourages healthy blood flow throughout our body. This helps relieve physical pain and stress while bringing a sense of balance to the entire body.

The effect Chinese medicine acupuncture in Melbourne has on the reproductive system is used to increase fertility. The needles when placed appropriately are said to induce the flow of fertility hormones in women. At the same time, the relieving of stress that this technique offers can also help increase fertility, as high levels of stress is said to reduce the chances of conception in women.


The hormones that are required for fertility are restricted when the body is tensed. A female body can undergo tension due to many reasons, including work stress, age related mood issues and due to different illnesses and injuries. Therefore, relaxation techniques work as natural remedies to reduce this tension.

Hypnosis is used by certain practitioners to achieve this objective. However, it is important that you consult a certified psychotherapist to get this treatment as it could result in adverse effects if not delivered properly.  At the same time, therapeutic techniques such as yoga, meditation and guided imagery can be used to relax your body.


This is a new form of alternative medication that deals with the manipulation of the spine. The objective of fertility treatment clinic services in Melbourne is to use the nerves that run through the spine as a way of addressing different illnesses in the body.

The use of Chiropractic to treat infertility is a relatively new strategy. The ability to affect the nerves of the reproductive system through the treatment of the spine is still under debate. Even if you choose to seek this medication as a solution for your infertility, make sure to work with a specialist that you can trust. The spine is the most sensitive part of your body and if handled in a wrong manner could result in extreme forms of injury.