Helping Your Elders To Travel Safely

We love travelling and sightseeing. When we are young, energetic and in good health, we can travel to various touring sights without any difficulty. Imagine the elderly people of your family who are suffering from arthritis or leg joint pain; they are left behind in the house.

These poor ailing elders also desire to visit their grandkids. A wheelchair hire Perthwill be the best way to carry your ailing mother or father wherever you go. There are many agencies which offer these rental services. These agencies may even provide a person on hire to take care of your elders during the trip.

1. Plan ahead

If you are travelling with your disabled parents, then do the scheduling, booking and confirming beforehand as there are many people who want to avail this facility. If you delay in booking, then you may face disappointment. When you visit the transportation service, the cruis

or the airline for booking your tickets, hire this facility immediately. Make sure you have booked wheelchair hire service on the right time too.
2. Push chair leasing facility for disabled persons

Many transportation services offer this facility for elders. If they do not have this facility, then youcan request them and they will oblige to your request. Nowadays, it is a rule for the transportation service to maintain this facility. All airlines have this facility reserved for old persons and children. The facility can be obtained from the airport on rental basis. You must make the arrangements beforehand. These rental services are accessible in all the airports and touring destinations. They even provide scooters for persons with restricted mobility. 

3. Reserve the seats for the disabled in designated seats

Request the airline or the transportation service to allot the designated seats for the disabled persons. Request for cost-free push chair services, as this facility is available in all airlines. If your parents are on dietary meals, then you can request the airlines to provide them with such meals. All these must be done beforehand so that the airline can prepare for such requirements. If your parent is travelling alone, then ensure that he has human assistance on the flight. 

4. Pack only necessary items

Be practical in packing and do not pack unnecessary items as it will only increase weight of your luggage. It is always better to travel light so that you can tow your luggage easily. Remember, your disabled parents are with you, so only the important items should be packed.

5. Plan a safe journey for the disabled

Make sure that you carry their medicines and keep them in a separate pouch. Advice your parents not to trust anyone while travelling as there are many scalawags who aim to cheat these poor persons. Do not give these rascals a chance to embezzle your parents.