Improving Your Smile

Your smile is the window to your soul so to speak and it is important to most people that they have a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth. The truth unfortunately is that for most of us, having a beautiful smile is not always possible because our bad habits and unhealthy diets have caused us to have numerous problems with our teeth from decay, to lose of teeth or discoloration. Of course, our diets and lifestyles are completely to blame for this and while some of these situations can be reversed, others cannot.

Ways to reverse damage

As mentioned, there are ways in which certain damage such as discoloration can be reversed by processes such as teeth whitening done at a dentist’s office. Of course, discoloration can happen right over again if we continue with our bad habits such as smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Therefore, if we are opting to have our teeth cleaned and brought back to their original color, we have to couple this action with changing of our habits as well. Check this link if you are looking for teeth whitening.

Going to a Melbourne cosmetic dentist can be a very expensive affair and these procedures are not usually covered by healthcare programmes
or even insurance which means that you will need to pay for them out of your pocket. As such, it is vital that you commit to changing your lifestyle before you go to have your teeth cleaned because not doing so can make your waste a big amount of your hard earned money.

Reasons for discoloration and decay

There are many reasons for discoloration of our teeth and for decay. It all comes down to bad oral hygiene that happens as a result of people lacking the education they need about how to take care of their teeth correctly in addition to bad habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol excessively. The truth is that even something as simple as coffee or tea can stain and discolour our teeth if we do not take proper steps to clean our teeth after each meal, each drink and each coffee we have. The correct time which we need to brush our teeth is for a minimum of three minutes but most people do not even brush their teeth for thirty seconds each time which means that plaque and other bacteria tends to remain in our teeth after we brush it. The sad truth is that even our schools do not give us nor our children education on oral hygiene and therefore teeth decay and easily avoidable oral problems are prevalent.