Porcelain is Not Only Used In China


China was so popular for manufacturing porcelain in the good old days that dishes, plates and all types of things made of porcelain were then and even now called “china”. It was in China that porcelain was first discovered and later was spread to many countries thereafter. Today there are many famous companies around the world like Noritake, Lenox and Rosenthal that produces ‘china’ or porcelain items that are decorative and exquisite. Even though we picture beautiful dishes, plates, tea sets and all sorts of decorative items first thing when we hear the word ‘porcelain’ there are many more astonishing uses of this hard substance.

The primary material used to produce porcelain is kaolin and other sub materials being ball clay, bone ash, feldspar, quartz, steatite and alabaster. The steps included in the process of manufacturing porcelain are forming, glazing, decoration and firing. It takes a considerably long period to develop porcelain as it needs to be fired at very high temperatures. This fact itself makes porcelain a very hard substance and gives it a translucent quality. Due to these qualities porcelain is used in many other areas other than decorative home ware. Denture services are one such area where porcelain is now widely used. As it is relatively hard material porcelain lasts long when used on dentures and it possess the light reflecting effect of real teeth. And also porcelain resists stains when compared to other types of materials and as a result, are widely used in veneers and dental bridges.

Just as in denture services in Brisbane, porcelain is also used in the field of architecture as well. It is used in producing building material and fittings and fixtures. We all know that porcelain tiles are commonly used on walls and floors for many things. And not just that, porcelain enamel is also used in the covering of building applications both on the interiors and exteriors. Most buildings use the porcelain enamel in their designs and also as the lining in tunnels and subway stations due to the high durability and strength of porcelain. On the other hand porcelain is also used in bathroom fittings as well due to its durability and inability to rust. These fittings come in a range of colors and styles that are appealing and of course they definitely will make your home look beautiful and elegant.

Another main functionality of porcelain is that it is a tremendous insulator which is also a very hard substance. Due to these reasons it is very much used in the field of engineering to produce stations for high voltage cables, protection of high frequency antennas, bushings of power transformers, and other such uses.