Possible Side Effects Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is known to be accepted by many health institutions as a proven treatment method for a number of illnesses. Since it is a natural treatment, it rarely has negative side effects. However, there could be slight complications and discomforts that you’d experience after a session and it is important that you have knowledge of them before you go in for a treatment. So here are some of them.

1. Worse symptoms

While most people start healing after acupuncture, some feel worse than before. This is known as a healing crisis where the illness will aggravate before it starts to subside. The reason for this is that when the healing process starts, your body will experience certain significant changes which lead to such worsened conditions. In Chinese medicine, this is a good sign as it means that the primary objective of treatment is met and your self-healing capabilities will increase. 

2. Fatigue

Feeling tired is pretty much normal after a treatment session. You might be worried since what you’ve heard is that it rejuvenates and energizes you, but you don’t have to be. Sometimes fatigue is a warning that you need rest so go home, have a bath and rest adequately. You’d feel refreshed and energized the following morning.

3. Lightheadedness

This is also caused by the changed occurring in your body in the healing process. It can also be since you came for treatment with an empty stomach which is unacceptable. Eating is very important along the treatment. Also, do not get up at once from the treatment table. Take your time to sit up, wait a few minutes and then start walking. The last thing you need is fainting and hurting your head or back. You’d have to come back for back pain treatment if that happens.

4. Soreness

This is a common side effect among people. Sensitive areas could feel sore after the removal of needles. You need not see pain specialists Wairarapa even if it lasts a few days. Keep some ice on it and it will subside in no time. Your acupuncturist will probably warn you about this before treatment.

5. Bruising

This is very unlikely to happen, however if you have very sensitive skin this may happen. It could be that when the needle punctures the skin, it may result in a hematoma; a collection of blood vessels. Unfortunately, bruising lasts longer than soreness however it has no negative health effects. You could ask your acupuncturist to change the size and brand of the needles he uses on you to check if it stops the bruising.